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I Want To Be Me

An upcoming series of guidebooks for teens,
their parents and their educators.

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The Guidebook

Helping teens understand themselves and find their own path to resilience and success.

The Guidebook for Teens and Young Adults

Paperback Available Soon!

eBook coming after!

“Dr. B” engages the reader with a kind, conversational tone. There is no lecturing. Her approach helps build self-confidence as it promotes awareness of choice-making and of possibilities available in life. She encourages problem-solving and constructive self-management as she guides teens on their path to resilience and success.

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Tools for Success

Readers are engaged to use the Identity and Behavior Scales to become more aware of themselves and their behavior.

In addition, they are taught to use Decision Trees to assist with thinking about their personal preferences and the
consequences of their choices.

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About the Author

Dr. Madeleine Boskovitz is a psychologist with years of experience working with teenagers. She has found younger and older teens yearning to understand themselves, to manage their behavior, to feel empowered and eager to
follow their dreams. 

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